The Jump Off: Stall Z-7

The framework of what Cycadelic Records is today, broke ground in the Mid 80’s in a foreign place and by a person you’d least expect.

W.J.K ( Wan Joon Kim), fled the chaotic Korean peninsula in the 1950’s and immigrated to L.A in 1976. His hustle led him to open up shop in Compton at the Compton Fashion Center. There, he not only did his absolute best to provide for his family but in the process, created a means for many Compton based Rap Artists to jump start their careers. When no one else was lining up to help these struggling rappers, Kim took their records and sold it for them. The Legacy of W.J.K and Cycadelic Music Corner was born.

The Legacy: 2100 N. Long Beach Blvd

Many Rappers got their start because W.J.K acted as their first distributor. Back in the 80’s and early 90’s, hip hop was still trying to break into the mainstream. With an endless flow of emotions and anger exploding out of the drug and crime riddled inner cities, the people had a message and W.J.K understood the anger and resentment these Artists rapped about. Him and his wife took them in, almost like family, which is why the respect was mutual and has spawned the next generation of what Cycadelic Music Corner would become; Cycadelic Records.


After the passing of W.J.K, his son, Kirk Kim took over the Legacy and has reshaped it into something more than just a historic record shop. Since 2012, he has put on over 100 shows, nationally and internationally. West Coast Rappers. DJ QUIK, WC, Bone Thugs n Harmony and the newest collaborator, Super Producer Scoop Deville are just a few artists that Kirk works with. Indeed, the legacy of what his dad started has now been passed onto Kirk and the future of Cycadelic Records is not only exciting, but very promising for years to come.